Tiny micro green scapular pack 100
Tiny micro green scapular pack 100

Tiny micro green scapular pack 100

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Tiny micro green scapular pack of 100

For the Immaculate Heart triumph 

Receiving one regular color green scapular with both miraculous medals with pack of 100

The prayer still readable under a magnifier but made for the purpose to hide easily. The size is 10mm x 10mm

Best for hiding in suits, garments, clothing, picture frames, wallets, ties, purses and ect... be creative in how you hide it. Example: If own a company you can try to hide in the products you produce or sell to get your clients the graces as well. Lets cover the earth with green scapular.

Please note if a person wears it they won't suffer eternal fires like the brown scapular minus the enrollment. Great for love ones who are obstinate and not welcoming in receiving. Thankfully Our Lady is gracious in that it can be hidden to receive graces necessary for conversion as long as you say the prayer for the individual.

Please after your regular Rosary try to say the Immaculate Heart Rosary to get them graces.