About Us

Our organization for the green scapular is the promulgation of the message of Our Lady desired from heaven.
We are not starting a new order but to restore order in the church and assist all souls by means of the green scapular. 
Our story of why we colorized the green scapular and where we got the image of Our Lady's face is from the description given by Sister Justine Bisqueyburu.
The face we took from the miraculous image of Our Lady of Las Lajas in Colombia, to get her looking at the individual when viewing the image. We did originally try Our Lady of Guadalupe,
but it was difficult to redirect the face to look as she appeared with her facing you. Fortunately, with God's inspiration and guidance we were led to Our Lady of Las Lajas image for the look we desired.
We colorized the scapular from the simple green image version
and tried our best to make her as beautiful as she appeared to what Sister Justine Bisqueyburu described. Officially, we are the first to colorize and detail it to her appearance, but others have follow suit to colorized their own version of how she appeared. Hopefully, we are close to the actual face and description.

"Please pray for us and say the prayer."

Please join our order of the Green Scapular by emailing us to be a member:
The requirement is to attempted to say the (Supplement) Immaculate Heart Rosary.  
Please always say daily the original 15 (20) mysteries of the Holy Rosary first, before attempting the Supplement version.

"Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death."

"Make and distribute my green scapular as soon as possible, if given with confidence, there will be a great number of sinners converted, especially those souls who do not possess the true religion. They will receive many graces, to help them in finding and keeping the one true faith. Those who die wearing my sacramental green garment will be given a peaceful and happy death, and shall not suffer the eternal fires of hell.

Furthermore, I shall Bless on Earth, every heart who makes my green scapular wear it or spreads devotion to it, for it is My Immaculate Heart, therefore treat it with profound honor and respect. In addition, all who wear or keep about themselves my green scapular badge, are agents of my Immaculate Heart. Hence the evil one is powerless to harm those souls who clothe themselves in my love."